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Keeping Pace With the Change

The late 20th and 21st centuries witnessed a dramatic increase in high end technology used in manufacturing and this gave rise to the term advanced manufacturing. As for the perfect definition of the term there are several conflicting views on it. However, one thing is common in all the definitions – the integration of the latest and cutting edge technology in both products and processes.

Recently the White House released a statement regarding its definition which states “A concise definition of advanced manufacturing offered by some is manufacturing that entails rapid transfer of science and technology (S&T) into manufacturing products and processes.” It can be seen from this definition that any manufacturing process involving the utilization of innovative technology and science falls under this category. From cell phones to space research, the development of science and technology has affected everything and this has directly translated into the development of newer and better products available at reasonable prices. Several process technologies are used when it comes to this type of manufacturing, they include:

  • Use of computer technology like CAM, CAD and CAE
  • Use of high precision technology
  • Use of advanced robotics and AI based systems
  • Using high precision computing for simulation and analysis
  • Use of sustainable green technologies
  • Using latest control systems to monitor different processes
  • Automation
  • Scalability in manufacturing and
  • The ability to custom manufacture

Several organizations are of the view that management methodologies should also be included to better define this type of latest manufacturing process. This belief led to the addition of several management techniques such as lean production techniques, integration of enhanced supply chain to the manufacturing process, and technology assimilation and added a new dimension to this idea. Management philosophies and methodologies that were added include:

  • Quality controls
  • Lean production technologies
  • Integration of advanced Supply chain techniques and
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Although a fixed definition of advanced manufacturing has yet to be established the fact is that governments of different countries are supporting this idea. In June, 2011 US President Barack Obama launched Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national drive to bring together manufacturing industries, research organizations and the federal government to invest in the development latest, new-age technology. A lot of investment and research is going on behind this new type of manufacturing leading to the development of new technologies and processes.

Click and Store Beautiful Moments of Life With Samsung M8910 Pixon 12

The new age mobile phone users keep looking for highly advanced handsets which enable them to enjoy upgraded features with much ease. All the leading brands of handsets try and come up with stylish yet capable devices and same is the case with the Samsung mobile phones. These smart products surprise the users with their sophisticated features and stunning looks. There are innumerable Samsung products available in the market which attract the users instantly and Samsung M8910 Pixon 12 is one of them. As the name suggests, the fabulous gadget comes with the powerful camera of 12 MP. The built-in camera captures crystal clear images having the resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels. Not only this, the added advantages of wide 28 mm lens, autofocus, xenon flash, and power LED flash enable the users to enjoy high quality photography. It also comes with many other useful features which include geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilization and beauty shot.

No doubt, the handset is extremely rich in imaging department but still takes cares of other aspects. To start with, the device is flooded with user friendly connectivity features. The upgraded technlogy of Wi Fi guarantees easy Internet access. Likewise, with the help of the built-in WAP 2.0 XHTML & HTML web browser, the users can enjoy hassle free net surfing. Moreover, the Samsung M8910 Pixon 12 supports the Bluetooth facility which allows easy sharing of data and files with the other compatible devices.

In addition to this, the Samsung mobile phones take care of the music freaks and ensure loads of entertainment. The Pixon12 follows the same tradition and comes with a built-in music player which runs the audio files in MP3, eAAC+, WMA & AMR formats. The FM radio comes complete with the RDS feature and enables the users to get tuned to their favourite tracks at any point of time. Apart from this, the gamers can also kill away their time with the interesting embedded games. Moreover, the users can download many more games as per their interests. The efficiency of the smart phone is beyond doubt and it’s pocket friendly nature makes it all the more desirable. The M8910 Pixon 12 weighs 120 grams having the dimensions of 108 x 53 x 13.8 mm. The AMOLED touch screen of 3.1 inches displays 16 million colours with the high resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Apart from this, the internal memory of 150 MB can be expanded further up to 16 GB. So, the efficient product comes with numerous advanced applications and the rich black coloured casing adds more to it’s value.

Near Field Communication Technology

If you’ve been to Japan you must have seen the citizens breezing past subway ticket stations with just a point of their mobile phones or sometimes, with their wrist watches. If so, you are probably already well aware that they are actually using the felicity technology or FeliCa. The Western World is trying to catch up with this Japanese innovation by developing a program with foremost industry leaders participating in the movement.

It is an initiative called Near Field Communication Technology or NFC.

In UK, estimates suggest that 40,000 businesses would adopt the technology by the end of 2011 and it would soon become a norm through smart phones in the United States to use NFC as a convenient way of mobile payments. It’s no wonder then that iPhone is set to incorporate this technology on their retailed mobile devices.

Bloomberg reported in January that Steve Jobs and his crew had been working on integrating NFC technology into the iPhone and iPad in an effort to grab a share of $6.2 trillion American consumers spend every year. The company hired a mobile payment guru and applied for a patent on NFC technology for Apple apps to communicate with each other.

A smart and savvy entrepreneur knows NFC will be one of the foremost breakthrough to contend with in the near future. Much like the online selling storm that rocked the entire world on the eve of the birth of eBay and Amazon.

Credit cards, security badges, plane tickets, all can be potentially replaced with simply holding out your mobile phone in front of a scanner.

NFC is a way for two devices to wirelessly communicate when they are near each other. In fact, two devices using NFC can not only share data, but also power. NFC is capable of wirelessly transmitting power to an external device. So device “A” in your hand has no battery but is actually being powered by device “B” on your desk.

Making your website suitable for mobile surfing is now already a norm, not a mere gimmick to draw in more customers and visitors. It is therefore smart of you to ensure that your online store is ready for your mobile viewers and users.

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You cannot ignore the promise that Near Field Communication will bring to our society in general.

Tech pundits are predicting that NFC will become the New Age digital wallet for our current generation.

You are merely shooting yourself in the foot if you have not made any preparations for this huge shift in the lifestyle of everyone. You are effectively not a welcoming site if a reader who is interested in finding something about you through the web couldn’t even see your online store properly. Near Field Communication technology is coming like an express train, is your website adapted for all mobile platforms so you can avail of all the business coming from mobile phones?

Nokia E62 Technology for the Corporate

Nokia understands its market and develops models to suit its different user profiles. The Nokia E62 targets the corporate user, in particular those who are out of their own office a lot and want connectivity options, good voice quality, conference calling, email and web access, office functionality, personal organiser, and, while the Nokai E62 dispenses with a camera, it does have music so you can discretely take your own music with you.

When you are using the Nokia E62, commands can be entered via the navigation keys area. The full QWERTY keyboard can also be used for Office document editing (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).

The phone also supports Adobe Reader and Zip Manager. The USB cable provides for transfer of these files to and from the phone, or, this can be done using Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The keys are easy to use and large enough for fairly large fingers to work free of too many problems.

The Nokia E62 has a large and clear, 2.8 inch, 320×240 pixel, and 16-million-color screen. The PowerPoint editing is very handy for the corporate user and there is even a screen export capability that lets you display the screen through a compatible projector. Once again this feature has the corporate user in mind and means presentations can be carried in your phone. The images look great, the text is sharp, readable in sunlight and it has adjustable contrast and backlight for dimmer environments. The specifications are, weight: 5 ounces and dimensions: 4.61 x 2.76 x .63 inches.

For the busy executive there are personal organization tools including: personal shortcuts, Customizable profiles, Alarm clock, Music Player (MP3/AAC), Notepad for short notes, automatic key guard, calendar, currency converter, notes, calculator, alarm clock, and voice recorder. The speakerphone allows colleagues to listen, and there is a selection of wireless connectivity. The design is attractive and with an all-silver casing is tastefully in keeping with the corporate user image.

The E62 e-mail capabilities support IMAP, POP3, SMTP, .Microsoft Exchange Server, and a full attachment viewer. The E62 works Yahoo and AOL instant-messaging, and it supports text, including SMS distribution list, and multimedia messages, RSS feeds and blogs, site bookmark, and pop-up blocker.

Each entry in the address book has e-mail address, multiple phone numbers, home and work addresses, and a Web URL. Although there is no inbuilt camera, using file transfer to down load a photo, you can then add the photo for caller ID.

Bluetooth also allows dial-up networking, and the phone can serve as a modem for Bluetooth PDA or laptop. Surf the web by configuring GPRS in the settings menu. To help with site navigation, the E62 web browser, like the Nokia N80, has thumbnails of the full web page. Images can be downloaded and the viewed in the image viewer.

The E62 is not all work and not play, It is with a music player that plays back MP3, RealAudio, and AAC files. It can create play lists and sort your music by artist, album, genre, or composer and you can adjust the sound using a built-in equalizer.

Samsung I8510 Innov8

The Samsung is a brand name in the field of communication and is renowned for launching mobile phones with high end functionalities. This ace has served its customers with its world class performance and commendable services. Many of its inventions were earlier admired by users due to its awesome design and advanced options. This time again Samsung has introduced extremely sophisticated i8510 mobile phone to impress its customers in the same way as earlier.This mobile phone with extremely fine look has eye catching design with high-end features. The phone is quite handy and compact with dimensions of 106 x 53. 9 x 17.2 mm and 136 grams of weight. The Samsung i8510 has large TFT screen measuring 2.8 inches and providing 240 x 320 pixels of display resolution with the support of 16M colours. The gadget is further enhanced by adding accelerometer sensor for auto rotate. Optical trackpad is another option that benefits the users to enjoy automatic rotation of screen from portrait to landscape mode and vice-versa.

Its polyphonic and MP3 ringtone formats help to produce world class quality sound. The users can enjoy grooving music with top quality sound effect with its stereo speaker while on the move. One of its major advanced feature is its large memory that helps to store numerous contact numbers, call records, image files, video files and other important files.The handset supports second generation and third generation network technologies for uninterrupted global communication through verbal conversation or through Internet. This GPRS enabled gadget supports EDGE technlogy that allows Internet accessibility at lightening speed. One can use its Bluetooth option for wireless sharing of files. USB cables can be used as another mode of sharing files with compatible gadgets.

It is boosted with 8 mega pixels camera that can capture superb quality images at the resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. To capture perfect pictures, i8510 is included with image stabiliser and auto focus options. Its secondary video call camera can be used to view end caller while undertaking conversation. This gorgeous phone comes with video editing ability that permits to edit the recorded video files according to user’s choice. With its TV out functionality captured images and recorded video files can be watched on large TV screen. Daily work schedule can be organised with one of its utility features named Organiser.

The Samsung i8510 phone supports Symbian operating system that significantly makes this smart looking phone a mini personal computer. There are numerous ways to send and receive messages in this multimedia phone such as SMS, MMS, Emails, Push Emails and IM. In order to provide extensive entertainment, this multi-purpose handset is jam packed with Stereo FM radio with RDS, music player and video player. The phone supports variety of files, like DivX, H.263, H.264, WMV, MP4 video formats and MP3, eAAC+, WMA, AMR music formats.For long conversation, the Samsung i8510 phone is boosted with a strong battery which offers talk-time backup of 8 hours 30 minutes and standby backup of 310 hours. To fulfill the dream of owing this trendy handset you can log on to various websites that provide the facility to view different and exciting range of mobile phones. After going for price comparison, you can buy mobile phone of your choice. Large number of the online retailers offer several lucrative options to attract customers. They come up with various offers that may include free gifts and attractive discounts with handsets.