Near Field Communication Technology

If you’ve been to Japan you must have seen the citizens breezing past subway ticket stations with just a point of their mobile phones or sometimes, with their wrist watches. If so, you are probably already well aware that they are actually using the felicity technology or FeliCa. The Western World is trying to catch up with this Japanese innovation by developing a program with foremost industry leaders participating in the movement.

It is an initiative called Near Field Communication Technology or NFC.

In UK, estimates suggest that 40,000 businesses would adopt the technology by the end of 2011 and it would soon become a norm through smart phones in the United States to use NFC as a convenient way of mobile payments. It’s no wonder then that iPhone is set to incorporate this technology on their retailed mobile devices.

Bloomberg reported in January that Steve Jobs and his crew had been working on integrating NFC technology into the iPhone and iPad in an effort to grab a share of $6.2 trillion American consumers spend every year. The company hired a mobile payment guru and applied for a patent on NFC technology for Apple apps to communicate with each other.

A smart and savvy entrepreneur knows NFC will be one of the foremost breakthrough to contend with in the near future. Much like the online selling storm that rocked the entire world on the eve of the birth of eBay and Amazon.

Credit cards, security badges, plane tickets, all can be potentially replaced with simply holding out your mobile phone in front of a scanner.

NFC is a way for two devices to wirelessly communicate when they are near each other. In fact, two devices using NFC can not only share data, but also power. NFC is capable of wirelessly transmitting power to an external device. So device “A” in your hand has no battery but is actually being powered by device “B” on your desk.

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You cannot ignore the promise that Near Field Communication will bring to our society in general.

Tech pundits are predicting that NFC will become the New Age digital wallet for our current generation.

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