Nokia E62 Technology for the Corporate

Nokia understands its market and develops models to suit its different user profiles. The Nokia E62 targets the corporate user, in particular those who are out of their own office a lot and want connectivity options, good voice quality, conference calling, email and web access, office functionality, personal organiser, and, while the Nokai E62 dispenses with a camera, it does have music so you can discretely take your own music with you.

When you are using the Nokia E62, commands can be entered via the navigation keys area. The full QWERTY keyboard can also be used for Office document editing (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).

The phone also supports Adobe Reader and Zip Manager. The USB cable provides for transfer of these files to and from the phone, or, this can be done using Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The keys are easy to use and large enough for fairly large fingers to work free of too many problems.

The Nokia E62 has a large and clear, 2.8 inch, 320×240 pixel, and 16-million-color screen. The PowerPoint editing is very handy for the corporate user and there is even a screen export capability that lets you display the screen through a compatible projector. Once again this feature has the corporate user in mind and means presentations can be carried in your phone. The images look great, the text is sharp, readable in sunlight and it has adjustable contrast and backlight for dimmer environments. The specifications are, weight: 5 ounces and dimensions: 4.61 x 2.76 x .63 inches.

For the busy executive there are personal organization tools including: personal shortcuts, Customizable profiles, Alarm clock, Music Player (MP3/AAC), Notepad for short notes, automatic key guard, calendar, currency converter, notes, calculator, alarm clock, and voice recorder. The speakerphone allows colleagues to listen, and there is a selection of wireless connectivity. The design is attractive and with an all-silver casing is tastefully in keeping with the corporate user image.

The E62 e-mail capabilities support IMAP, POP3, SMTP, .Microsoft Exchange Server, and a full attachment viewer. The E62 works Yahoo and AOL instant-messaging, and it supports text, including SMS distribution list, and multimedia messages, RSS feeds and blogs, site bookmark, and pop-up blocker.

Each entry in the address book has e-mail address, multiple phone numbers, home and work addresses, and a Web URL. Although there is no inbuilt camera, using file transfer to down load a photo, you can then add the photo for caller ID.

Bluetooth also allows dial-up networking, and the phone can serve as a modem for Bluetooth PDA or laptop. Surf the web by configuring GPRS in the settings menu. To help with site navigation, the E62 web browser, like the Nokia N80, has thumbnails of the full web page. Images can be downloaded and the viewed in the image viewer.

The E62 is not all work and not play, It is with a music player that plays back MP3, RealAudio, and AAC files. It can create play lists and sort your music by artist, album, genre, or composer and you can adjust the sound using a built-in equalizer.