Technology on Nokia and Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Nokia with Internet Service Provider (ISP) CBN and producer of network CISCO cooperate in optimizing implementation of VOIP (Voice over IP) technology what is loaded in Nokia E65, E61I and E90 Communicator cellular phone.

If this economic alternative communications via internet succeed to get the positive response from consumer, Nokia also will invite the other ISP to apply this Technology.

One of service carried by Nokia for Nokia E65, E61I and E90 Communicator user is attend the application of VOIP Setting Wizards. Application made by InTouch claimed by Nokia will very assistive configuration of VOIP base on the Session Initial Protocol (SIP). With VOIP technology in the cellular phone, user can make international call conversation, national, and other user of service provider with the economical tariff, even free of charge certain in a condition. This application is obtainable at Nokia Professional centre, Nokia Sales and Care Centre closest.

Pocket PC, Smartphone and other Windows Mobile based Communication Gadget also powering by VoIP technlogy. But of course you must install third party software wich usually called softphone (Software Phone) before use it. Many alternative of softphone you can get easily, such as SJPhone.